New Backend Server

Over the last days we have moved all of our content to a new server infrastructure. This will have following impacts on our users:

Both of our tools (AI Manager and Traffic Controller) will require a manual update if the autoupdater fails to update. You can download them from this homepage, and simply replace your exisiting files (override). AIM 1.0 has not been updated so far, and at the moment we see no reason to do so, since AIM 1.1 is running stable for P3D as well.

Some users might still search the “old” AIG FTP server by themself to get the latest flightplans, this is no longer possible on the the server. We have not removed the old contant from the FTP, but it will no longer get updated.

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  1. Love AIG and your posted to this site. Would be great if you dated the blog entries. Thanks.

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