AI Manager and Traffic Controller are back online

Both tools have been updated to the new backup server infrastructure and a ready to download. Your exisiting versions will not pick up the updates, so you need to get the files from our forum and replace your exisiting files. After that just start the tools as you did before.

Be aware that the backup infrastructure is not as fast the the servers we used before, so downloads might take some time.

We will monitor the serverload over the next weeks to decide how to proceed.

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  1. I deleted my old AIG ai manager when the servers first went offline thinking it was a bug or something. later i found out it was the servers and i haven’t been able to have AIG liveries since.. I tried to download the new update today but it just gets stuck on “update check for ai manager” and nothing else ever happens. How should i proceed?

  2. Hi,

    I downloaded and installed the new AI Manager. When it stats it say it needs to update. When update starts the program appears to freeze and shows not responding in the task manager. It seems to be trying to download the update very slowly according to the task manager. Is the program actually frozen or do I have to wait for something to happen? Thanks…

  3. Im tryiong update the IG MANAGER …but iver been trying more then 20 times and dont update crashed and i need to delete

  4. Very happy that the tools are available for download again. I have downloaded the AI – Manager but when it is started it says an update is available but it gets stuck on upddate check. I have disabled my vpn and antivirus but no luck getting any further.

  5. Aig manager as i start as it did not support i need to to restore in windows and then it start and after choosin msfs2020 it show a330 wallpaper and stuck there for hour i kept it open for 7hrs still not working only show loading configruation file with a330 wallpaper

  6. As I am new to AI Manager, I find it very difficult to understand what the software is trying to achieve. The documentation seems to be addressed to readers who already understand something about the subject. As examples, what are flight plans, airports and simobjects used for?

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